The HTML Highway

Even a despot will tell you, when you are taking over the world, has a tendency to believe everyone appreciates .The truth may well be , however , that many think they can not do anything about it . So let him get on with it , knowing that sooner or later there will be
a party to celebrate the putrefaction of their arrogance .In reading the statistic that more than 1 in 10 Americans believe that
HTML is a sexually transmitted disease , I’m sure a collective laugh roar around the mouths of our future rulers, royals Silicon Valley.

“Those stupid people , ” they’ll Huff. ” It is likely they have no idea what SEO is not . “In this, the huffers would be right. The
same research conducted by couponers indeed declare that 77 percent of Americans do not register at all SEO . ( Yes, they were only given three possible answers to each question. )The LA Times also gave me other results. Twenty-seven percent believe a gigabyte to be a bug in South America . Of course, 18 percent also thought Blu-ray was from the animal world. That is clearly a kind of marine life. (And if not, should be. )I can tell that you are asking for more. Twelve percent thought USB was an acronym of a country. Which is odd , because I could have sworn it was the University of South Brooklyn. His favorite can be 42 percent of respondents believed a motherboard was the deck of a cruise ship. Which, in a way , it is.

Written by

Dan Meca